Child & Adolescent Services

Prevention Services, Juvenile Court Liaison, Family Integrity Network Demonstration Project, Supplemental Services 4 Student Success.

This is a amazing clinic. From the counselors to the doctor. They go out of their way to help my son. They visit him at school, they even have a team that will even visit your house and do activities with your child to help them learn coping skills, encouragement, help with self esteem issues, and they reward them as well. I have seen my son go from having such anger every single day, to slowly coming out of his shell and communicating more, and being in better moods. They just give him someone to talk to other than me. Totally recommend this place. Wish there was something like this around when I was growing up.

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440 Honeysuckle Rd # 22, Dothan, AL 36305
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(800) 951-4357

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