Feeling Overwhelmed and Stuck by Painful Emotions? Does This Pain Prevent Your Enjoyment of Life? Whether coping with fear, anxiety, anger, depression or abuse, you can improve and enrich your quality of life. My goal in working with you is to help you make positive changes in your life through the application of practical and effective strategies.
DO YOU WONDER: Why You fear rejection to the point of isolating yourself a good bit of the time? Why You experience feelings of inner emptiness, guilt or a sense of aloneness? Why You experience nightmares or flashbacks relating to an abusive event? Why You feel depressed,lonely or worthless?
Unresolved trauma, abuse or relational attachment patterns is often at the root of these problems. Counseling with me can help you to: Learn to regulate strong emotions. Experience increased self-esteem and confidence. Experience a more positive outlook on life. Renew your interest or enthusiasm in life activities.

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