As a therapist, I believe in helping individuals and families to help themselves by encouraging openness in communication, restoring trust to self and others, and healthy boundary setting. My goal is to empower youth and adults to be more assertive, working on healing the inner child and strengthening self and other awareness via solution focused techniques. I also work with individuals and families affected by addiction via healthy boundary setting and living a lifestyle of recovery. Additional services include psycho-education, programming, consultation, training, psychosocial assessments, and working in the area of grief/loss and conflict management.
Other areas of experience include group work with adult sex offenders. I have experience working with individuals with codependency, dual diagnosis, depression, and interpersonal relationship issues. My work with a local addictions treatment center allows me to use the multifamily group approach to aid families in recovery.

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116 Lily Flagg Road Suite D Huntsville, Alabama 35802
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