I hope you find what you’re looking for among these listings. If not, the most important thing to remember is that you started your search for a reason. Neither I nor others listed here will have “all the answers”. As a Licensed Counselor, I am trained to help you through difficult circumstances. As a person, I have fallen, been restored, and thank God for His grace, in allowing me to join you in your healing. Online Scheduling is available at keithparham.com. You can simply click “Website” in the gray box (on the left side of this page) and then click “Schedule Appointment”.
Relational (marital, children, teens, dating, family, etc) / Grief related to death and other loss issues / Healing after divorce for adults and children / Marital and Pre-marital issues / Post Traumatic Stress Issues / Recovery from extra-marital affairs and infidelity / Depression / Anxiety and Panic / School – Job – Career related issues / Faith, Prayer, Spiritual Issues

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661 Helen Keller Blvd Suite B Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35404
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