Programs Offered:

  • Community Health, Healthcare For The Homeless,
  • Migrant Health Centers,
  • Public Housing

Services Available:

  • Dental Services,
  • Diagnostic Services,
  • Primary Health Care,
  • Radiology

Dental Services provided at this clinic include the following:

  • Exams,
  • Cleanings,
  • Sealants,
  • Extractions,
  • Partials,
  • Temporary Fillings,
  • Fillings,
  • Dentures,
  • Flippers,
  • Whitening.

Rates at this clinic differ and are based on each patient’s monthly income. Some patients qualify for 100% discount based on their sliding scale fee program. These patients will pay a minimum of $30 per visit.

Company Info

140 Front St., Gilbertown, AL - 36908
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(251) 843-5537

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