It is my goal is to go above and beyond to help each person achieve their therapeutic goals. I take a holistic approach to treatment, use a variety of resources, and apply evidenced-based practices to help each person achieve the goals he or she has designated. I apply effective techniques to help you learn new ways to better cope with life stressors. Whether you are struggling with a situational event, emotional turmoil, mental disorder, or are ready to work on personal growth, working with a professional psychotherapist can help you to obtain your desired results.
My work is highly collaborative, practical, and growth-oriented. My goal for treatment is to help patients better understand themselves, understand patterns behind the choices they make, and equip them with coping skills that will enable them to more effectively deal with life stressors.
I provide extensive psychological testing services, including: Neuropsychological testing, ADHD, Learning Disability, Pre-Surgical Behavioral Assessment, and General Diagnostic.

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5330 Stadium Trace Parkway 215 Hoover, Alabama 35244
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