I have a tremendous amount of respect for those who have the wisdom and courage to seek support in their endeavor to create the life they want to live. I am passionate about helping others live up to their fullest potential and reach the goals they set for themselves. I believe that we all continue to evolve throughout our everyday experiences. I believe that life’s challenges and successes don’t always look exactly like we thought they would. I’m passionate about working with clients on personal growth, and I find my individual and group sessions equally challenging.
My areas of specialty include grief and loss, and I’ve completed extensive studies in the Grief Recovery Method. Specialize in individual & personal growth, grief & loss, fitness & well-being, child development, parenting, family of origin issues, adult children of Alcoholics, codependency, relationship issues, adolescents, ADHD Individual & group therapy sessions offered.

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2304 Memorial Parkway, Suite B, Huntsville, Alabama 35801
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