For an individual with a disability, accessibility is making your home safe for everyone, regardless of their temporary or permanent physical condition. Wider doors, no-step entrances and showers, grab bars, attention to design and details that ensure comfort in your home for many years. The organizations listed in the “Home Modifications” tab will help you understand how important accessibility is for you, your family and your friends by introducing you to ideas, applications and products suited to fulfill those needs.

These organizations and companies provide objective information on assistive technology and rehabilitation equipment available from domestic and international sources to consumers, organizations, professionals, and caregivers within the United States.


For a person with a disability or injury, it is important to do things to make your home safe and easy to use. Changes in the home are important for the patient, family, friends, and any others involved because they make it easier for you to do things on your own or require less help. You can use devices or change the home to help with activities such as moving around the home, getting in and out of bed, bathing and showering, getting dressed or undressed, and many more. Bigger doors, less stairs, safe showers, and grab bars will bring comfort to your home for many years. Using devices or changing the home helps to support living alone and doing anything that is important to you. These groups will provide info on helpful tools from companies in the United States. They can give you advice, prices, contact info, and even help with changing things yourself.

The providers that can be found in home modifications can help with services like:

  • Provider for disabled access of the physical environment with automatic door openers porch lifts and ramps
  • Access to the electrical/electronic environment with patient controlled voice and switch activated environmental control units and other augmentative assistive technologies
  • Links to Web resources that provide information on assistive technology and other disability-related issues
  • A technology library containing a searchable list of books, articles, papers and other paper/electronic publications that deal with topics relating to assistive technology
  • Publications that aid in selecting assistive products
  • Product reviews and classified ads in a Consumer Forum
  • Conferences and other events on topics relating to assistive technology and disability
  • News items on assistive technology and disability issues
  • A motorized tree stand for disabled hunters, that lifts them and their gear up the tree and back down again
  • Medical alert system offering the ultimate in independence, confidence and freedom due to its mobility plus fully equipped GPS to provide remote mapping
  • Outdoor activity and fitness equipment designed to fit the needs of every disability and age group
  • Household and gardening implements designed for individuals with disabilities
  • Providers of critical repairs and renovations for low-income homeowners through non-profit groups