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    • Traumatic Brain Injuries
       Hi 2 months ago my son Michael Doom, whom just turned 30, suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and is residing currently in the Huntsville Hospital. His type of brain injury and condition requires continual monitoring with constant care. The hospice, he was initially placed with, was not equipped to handle a patient having these extensive injuries and ongoing needs. We are now praying and hoping that there is an alternative resource available out there that can fill his needs. This has been hard for our family and we want to find Michael the best possible care and perhaps recover from his Traumatic Brain Injury. Please if you have any information that could help our family in our time of need please call me Rosemary Doom 832-729-4410 Thank you and God Bless
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    • Traumatic Brain Injuries
      Please read this story below: This family is trying to reach out for help and guidance to find a physical rehabilitation program for their young Christian father, who suffered TBI in a vehicle accident. On April 30, 2015 Philip was involved in a single car accident and the family's journey plus search for assistance is delineated as follows in his wife's own words: It is heart braking and Philip has been sent home to pretty much die and we are begging for help. This has been all day everyday thought and work to help Phillip recover. To do the most possible for him. I'm constantly racking my brain as to what more can we do. I have learned more and more every day about TBI about recovery, rehabilitation, medicines to help and natural things that will help. There is just so much so much!!!! I'm fully trusting the Lord for Phillips recovery but I know he will put people in our path that can help and make a difference. That has already been shown to me. So I'm wanting to reach out even farther. I need the FB world to spread my story and I'm needing someone somewhere who knows a loophole to get Phillip what he needs. So from beginning to end here is what our story is and here is what I need. Phillip met as young kids at church and later became high school sweethearts then were married July 7th, 2007 right out of high school. 4 years in 2011 later we had our first child Hanna and then in 2013 had our son Landon. Phillip worked extremely hard and long hours and I became a stay at home mom after we had our babies. We are Christians who live as saved sinners because of the blood Jesus shed for us on the cross. Fully saved by grace and forgiven. In 2014 - early 2015 God really dealt with our hearts and we submitted our all to God. We had children whom we wanted to see saved one day and we have loved family and friends that we didn't want to see go to hell. Phillip and I discussed and agreed the salvation of their souls would be worth giving up anything or everything. No matter what! We wanted God to have control and use us however He pleased. So we prayed as a family and that was our heart. God prepared us gave us lots of grace and peace. Those months leading up to Phillips wreck were so sweet. Family time was so special, so many good memories made. We spent more time with our friends and family that is so cherished now. April 29th was Phillips last day He would live unaffected by what was in store. His last day at work, his last Wednesday evening service at church, my last text my last hug and kiss and the kids last evening of fun romping on their daddy. All the things that we take for granted every day. All normal things will be gone for the next several months and a majority of things if they do come back still will be most likely different in some way or another. April 30th Phillip left before daylight to go to work. With a hug a kiss an "I love you" and a "be careful" we said bye I watched him walk out of the house for the last time... on his way to work about 20 minutes from his job he was in a single vehicle wreck and we have no answers to the cause. He hit the bank on the passenger side and rolled his jeep onto it's top. He was flown to CAMC and I received the call... "Phillip has been in an accident and he is in very bad shape. We don't know anymore than that. Get ready to go to the hospital" I hung up the phone and hit the floor. I spoke with my Jesus and knew for His glory not about my comfort... I simply said "You know how much I need my Phillip, please don't take him." Once I made it to Charleston and they let us go back I seen Phillip in the severe traumatic intensive care unit and I was told news I didn't understand at the time. Diffuse axonal injury what's that?? Brain injury? ? What's that?? then all the rest of the info. The next 3 days was crash course on this type of injury and allllllll the treatment that began. The whys and what fors, I sat by Phillips side and overseen every treatment and prognosis. Still so much was unknown but it's what we had. God gave peace to leave my children in the care of grandparents and I stuck right with Phillip. I was told I may loose him and if there was a chance that he made it he would have poor quality of life in other words the advice we received was to unplug and let him go. To much treatment was needed, he wasn't responding correctly to any of their attempts. it came down to it we were taken to the private room and given the news of no hope... I knew Who's hands this was in, He had already given me the peace that was needed. I knew God had final say not the doctors. Our life is not our own but the Lords. I trusted God to do a miracle and the day the doctors said we can't God said I can! The next day Phillips lifeless body began moving. A shoulder shrug, a flared nostril, and a gag from the breathing tube as he was suctioned. The nurses screamed and ran for help, he was supposed to be fully paralyzed. I was ready to scream and run myself lol. God began His work He had really been in control the whole time! So everyday after was small improvements. things started showing positives! After 23 days he was stable enough to be extubated he underwent trache surgery and feeding tube surgery. The collar from his neck was removed and Phillip began opening his eyes. Then on June 4th we were moved to step-down ICU and then 3 days later right into medical rehab. They immediately began working him even though he could only stare to the left and was unable to move any part of his body. Then after 2 months of PT OT and speech we were sent home. August 9th was the first we had seen of our home since the day of the accident. Time somehow flew by, but yet, creeped along. Spring and summer was over and it was already going into fall. Phillip started having in home nursing, PT, and speech and later they started some OT. These therapist are exceptional, yet lack the equipment to do big things with Phillip as far as exercise and large activities. Phillip is ready for intense rehab. He needs several hours a day not just a few hours a week. His progress is degressing because of limitations on the therapy we can receive. The potential to walk again is the re, or to roll over in bed, or to dress himself, feed himself, and even become able to use the bathroom and take care of personal hygiene himself.... I could go on and on. His bones are weakening because of lack of use. He's suffering mouth and dental issues, he's loosing all muscle mass and allowing atrophy in joints and posture. It's such a sad thing to see this hard working wonderful man just wasting away because lack of help that can be received. So here is where we're at today. February 17th and I have spent the whole week on the phone trying to find help from anyone. It's all a political and business ordeal now... it's not about the need for help. I have been told NO along with much harsher words and filter language. Simply out of luck... good thing I'm not rely on luck hehe! I'm reaching out for info, for help, for a solution. I'm praying and trusting it will be as God wants it. He know who he is going to use and He knows where we'll end up. I have called a insane amount of rehab facilities and the answers are Are all the same. -we do not accept WV charity -we do have charity but you are coming from home rather than an acute care setting such as nursing home or inpatient stay at a hospital. We do have charity but we only take patients within 30 days of the injury So therefore Phillip does not qualify for any of these... Here is a list of places I've called Rehabilitation of Chicago; Brooks rehabilitation in FL; Kessler Rehab in NJ; TTIR of Texas; Mayo Clinic FL; Rusk NY; National Rehab Hospital OSU; Ohio Brain Center Select medical at 17 locations; Health South WV at 4 Locations; Kennedy Krieger Institute; Caremeridian CA; Rainbow Rehabilitation Neurorestorative TN; Patricia Neal Rehab TN; Baptist Rehabilitation; ST. Jude CA; Neurorestorative VA; Radical Rehab KY; Casa Colina CA and all declined...... We have WV medicaid, not your usual medicaid recipients, I must say, we worked hard, Winter construction work is not the best. Wv medicaid pays nothing out of state on Brain Injury,and only pays for a limited list of places in state but only for patients under 21 yrs of age. Phillip is 26 *we can't buy personal Insurance due to his conditions, no one will insure. Also he doesn't fall into any "life changing" events that make him eligible. *And where are these "Charity Beds" so far I have only found a few and they all say the same thing. Patient must be within 30 days of the accident and/or come from the nursing home/acute care setting. So because I take great care of my Phillip (no bed sores, great skin integrity, health, medication management, nutrition, hydration, etc etc) he is not in need of a nursing facility, I do it ALL at home. Therefore he is not eligible for any "charity" bed.. therefore, no rehabilitation for Phillip. I'm calling out for help anyone who can share and spread the word in any way, my Phillip is in need. Our kids need their father back, and I need my husband back! The whole family and all our friends would love to see him get this help! I need a way to get around the system and get some therapy for Phillip. I'm hoping someone knows someone that knows someone lol Isaiah 41:20 KJV That they may see, and know, and consider, and understand together, that the hand of the Lord hath done this, and the Holy One of Israel hath created it. I know that the Lord allowed this to happen and I know that it is all for Him! help me pray for His will and my desire is to give Phillip the best rehab. I'm praying for opened doors. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. My bible puts a period after that verse but I would love it tog have an exclamation point!!! Oh how I look forward to the EXPECTED END!!!!! Our home is in heaven, we're just traveling through... Charisse Laverdiere - soyounique15@gmail.com  
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