What are you struggling with in your relationships: Conflict? Distress? Anger? Dissatisfaction? Avoidance? Hurt? Unmet Needs? Miscommunication? Grief? By integrating principles within God’s Word with approaches of marriage-and-family therapy and psychology, I strive to offer hope, peace, and love in times of pain, difficulty, and struggle, with the ultimate goal of wholeness in heart, mind, and relationships.
I specialize in relationship issues, even if working with individuals. A significant portion of my work is with couples dealing with various issues of their relationship, with the goal of not eliminating conflict and incompatibility, but finding healthy ways to deal with these and other issues.
Even though I practice in a church setting, my services are available to anyone regardless of religious affiliation (depending, of course, on my competence level for the particular issue at hand), and to those who are not members of Antioch.

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2650 McIntosh Road Oxford, Alabama 36203
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