Each of us has to make sense of our world. When things don’t make sense we experience anxiety, depression, anger, confusion or other difficulties. Therapy is directed at helping each individual become more effective at dealing with their own unique situation. In couple or family therapy each person is helped to represent themselves well while becoming increasingly sensitive to the concerns of their partner or other family members..
Weekly or bi-weekly sessions focus on identifying clear outcome goals which are jointly developed by the individual(s) and the therapist. The initial goal is to stop whatever damage is being done and then we move on to creating strategies which will improve the overall relationship. .
This is a very private, gentle, supportive practice with a singular goal of helping people improve their lives. 14 years of public mental health experience together with 26 years in private practice have left me with confidence that I can help or know where to refer a case.

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411 Holmes Ave NE Suite C Huntsville, Alabama 35801
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