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  • The process of moving forward following a Traumatic Brain and/or Spinal Injury suffered by an individual impacts their family, friends and associates.
  • We connect people with disabilities, their families and caregivers to the official benefits websites of the U.S. government to help you get the support you need.
  • Quality of life for people living with paralysis due to a Traumatic Brain and/or Spinal Injury, improves exponentially with extensive therapy and rehabilitation.
  • This section provides information on resources for medical equipment, patient care, medical supplies, communications equipment, and much more.
  • Legal services are frequently required by individuals and their families when struggling with some of the issues arising from a Traumatic Brain or Spinal Injury.
  • This section contains providers of transportation services equipped for the disabled in your local community, throughout the state and to various locations nationally.
  • The clinics listed represent a mix of free service, charge according to ability and charge for service not covered by insurer and/or governmental agency.
  • For an individual with a disability, accessibility is making your home safe for everyone, regardless of their temporary or permanent physical condition.
  • The state of Alabama seeks to equip people with disabilities, the resources and tools needed to be independent and connected within the community.
  • Patients with Traumatic Brain and Spinal Injuries require physicians and neuropsychlologists who have developed specialty expertise in treating individuals with these conditions.
  • These organizations periodically hold fund raisers, group gatherings, parties and festivals geared toward developing a sense of community.
  • Locating residential services for individuals with physical, mental, and intellectual disabilities, which enable them to live more independently in the community, can be a difficult task.

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